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Turn your Google Drive into an Enterprise File Server to make your documents more secure, easier to find, and prevent data loss

AODocs is the only document management solution totally integrated with Google Apps.
In fact, AODocs was built for Google Apps on top of Google Apps, meaning your teams can securely collaborate anytime, anywhere and on any device without leaving the convenience of Google Drive.

All the security and control that document focused businesses need

With AODocs, all company files will be owned and managed in a central corporate account.  Advanced permission control, versioning and audit log ensure that your documents are protected. And, AODocs is built entirely on the Google platform so your data is stored entirely in the same cloud infrastructure you already trust with your email and files.

Robust document management features to support rich collaboration

Your team needs to locate and access electronic documents easily. With AODocs, you can organize them using  flexible metadata (text, numeric, dates, names, flat or hierarchical categories). AODocs also supports advanced search capabilities based on metadata, keywords and categories, all at the same time. An automated workflow engine links documents to business processes, so content isn’t “lost in the mail.”

Turnkey migration from Microsoft Sharepoint, Lotus Notes and other systems

Sophisticated document management is a must-have for many businesses today, but the structure of legacy libraries are often too complex to allow migration to Google Drive, at least not without a lot of expensive custom development. With our easy-to-use migration tools, most Sharepoint, Lotus Notes and other libraries will automatically convert to AODocs libraries while maintaining their existing structure, taxonomies, and workflow state. With AODocs, you’ll get to keep most of the advantages you’re accustomed to while eliminating huge licensing expenses.

Seamless integration with Google Drive

  • Centralized ownership with company-managed service accounts
  • Search, view and edit documents directly in Google Drive
  • Push folders in the “My Drive” of your team members
  • Search by folder
  • Seamless integration with MS Office desktop client

Robust document management

  • Custom Document Properties and List Views
  • Advanced Search
  • Flexible Workflow Engine
  • Granular Permissions
  • Scan to AODocs
  • Email to Document
  • Version Control
  • Documents Geo-tagging

Easy Integration

  • Intranet Integration (Google Sites and others)

Migration connectors

  • File server
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Lotus Notes
  • Lotus QuickR
  • OpenText LiveLink
  • EMC eRoom

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, AODOCS was founded in 2012 to provide enterprise document and file management based on Google for Work. AODOCS is now on Google for Work Domains serving more than 850,000 users across 75 countries. ADOCS SaaS enterprise Document Management and File Server services are used in healthcare, agriculture, banking, government, and manufacturing to support R&D, supply chain management, legal services, marketing, and sales. AODOCS’ unique combination of native Google Apps support and enterprise-level document management capabilities simplifies global access to shared information, overcomes challenges with limited local IT support availability and bandwidth, and assures necessary information security.  AODOCS is a Google for Work Technology Partner.