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The Business Transformation Guide for Office 365 is now available. Learn the benefits and advantages of adopting Office 365 by downloading this special report.

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Business Transformation Guide for Office 365Published on December 9, 2015

By moving to Office 365, IT can transform not only its business role, but also how work gets done. Instead of traditional inward focus, IT will now play an integral role in shaping your business by enabling end users with the tools needed to be both collaborative and productive. Learn more »

Business Transformation Guide for Google Apps

With this guide, we hope to illuminate how migrating your company’s legacy IT infrastructure to Google Apps (a cloud IT system) can help you transform your business in a profound and proven way. Learn more »

Partnering in the Cloud – ISV Analysis

This report analyzes data from leading Independent Software Vendors and how they bring products to market and build channel partnerships. It also identifies major differences in how Google and Microsoft ISVs build their channel relationships. Learn more »

Partnering in the Cloud – Channel

This report takes an in-depth look at how cloud solution providers are managing their businesses and vendors. The Cloud Technology Alliance surveyed 90+ companies across the world to identify interesting trends in cloud partnerships. Learn more »