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BetterCloud provides critical insights, automated management, and intelligent data security for cloud office platforms. By leveraging open APIs, BetterCloud securely connects with your data at its source, providing maximum control without requiring any cumbersome setup. Offering solutions for both Google Apps and Office 365, BetterCloud is trusted by IT teams in over 50,000 organizations worldwide.

Key features:

  • Domain Health and Insight Center®: Sophisticated dashboard that surfaces critical information & security risks
  • Google Drive Sharing Policies: Set granular sharing rules and let BetterCloud flag or auto-correct violations
  • Third-party Apps Policies: Set granular conditions to automatically approve or revoke third-party apps
  • Scheduled Reporting: Build reports and schedule them to run frequently to monitor changes over time
  • User Provisioning: Follow the guided workflow and never miss a step when creating a new user

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