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Learn more about Insightly
The #1 Customer Relationship Management tool in the Google Apps Marketplace, Insightly was created specifically for use with Google Apps. Insightly allows businesses to keep all of their information in a  secure web application that is well-organized and easily accessible to all employees, and it’s very easy to use without any training at all.

Some features include:

  • Email Integration: Save emails directly from Gmail to Insightly in one click using our Gmail gadget, and link important emails and attachments with associated projects and opportunities.
  • Automatic Address Book: As emails are saved, Insightly automatically adds contact and organization information to address books. Insightly can also sync your contacts with your Google Apps contacts and mobile contacts too.
  • Search Tools: Search everything saved in Insightly in seconds, using the real-time search box located at the top of every page.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Insightly keeps a detailed history of all contacts and links them to associated organizations, opportunities and projects. Add custom fields to record information specific to your individual business needs.
  • Track Opportunities: Easily keep track of business opportunities within Insightly to stay up-to-date on what proposals are pending, won, or lost and what role contacts play in these deals.
  • Project Management: Associate emails and contacts with projects, assign tasks and milestones, and receive reminders for project tasks all within Insightly.
  • Dashboard: Provides an overview of everything going on within Insightly.