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Learn more about LucidChart

Lucidchart is the simplest way to draw flowcharts, process maps, UML diagrams, and more. Serving more than 10 million users in the Google Apps ecosystem, Lucidchart is the premier visual collaboration tool on the web. The application is deeply integrated with Google Apps, Drive, and Hangouts to enhance team productivity. Enjoy real-time collaboration and a wide range of shape libraries, along with import and export for Microsoft Visio files. It’s never been easier to diagram in the cloud. 

Hundreds of Templates and Examples:

  • Flowcharts
  • Process maps
  • Wireframes/mockups
  • Network diagrams
  • Org charts
  • BPMN
  • UML
  • ERD

Powerful and Easy to Use:

  • Choose from hundreds of shapes
  • Use auto-prompt to quickly add and connect objects
  • Drag and drop to import images
    Import Visio and OmniGraffle files
  • Export to PDF, PNG, JPG and VDX (Microsoft Visio)
  • Embed diagrams in blogs or wikis
  • Create interactive wireframes and mockups


  • Real-time collaboration with changes synced instantly
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous collaborators
  • Powerful version control with full revision history
  • Shared templates and images across your team
    Group chat with text and video