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Learn more about Smartsheet

Smartsheet is an online project management and collaboration tool primarily used for project management, but also for operations tracking, sales pipeline management, marketing campaigns, crowdsourcing and task management. Smartsheet is designed for serving the large  percentage of people that use spreadsheets to manage “work” (vs numerical analysis), but find them difficult to use or lacking in flexibility and automation features inherent in project, CRM and management tools.

Smartsheet’s online project management app takes an easy-to-use spreadsheet to the next level with features such as a Gantt chart, dependencies, and sub-tasks. Users can instantly turn Google Spreadsheets, Excel or MS Project files into an online project complete with file attachments and threaded discussions on any row. Users are more productive with an easy to use tool like Smartsheet that keeps everything in context.

This unique melding of a spreadsheet interface, with the sophisticated capabilities of traditional project management software and the collaborative features of discussion and file sharing features, have proven successful across all sizes of companies. Our customers are people who need to get more efficient at how they work internally and externally, whether that’s the president of a small company, a manager at a state government agency, or a marketing manager at a F500 enterprise.

Today, Smartsheet serves thousands of companies in over 40 countries in diverse industries – technology, healthcare, education, government, real estate, energy, service agencies, and non-profit sector to name a few. Smartsheet is especially ideal for those companies moving their business operations to the cloud, particularly those standardizing on platforms such as Google Apps,, and VMware.

Easier to use than traditional Project Management

  • Familiar spreadsheet-like interface
  • Flexible: customize your project to work the way you do
  • Share online (no IT involvement needed)

Better than a spreadsheet for Project Management

  • Switch instantly between Grid, Gantt, and Calendar views
  • Collapsible sub-tasks
  • Task dependencies
  • Attach files & Google Docs to any task (row)
  • Automated alerts & reminders
  • View history of changes on any cell
  • Summary reports across project sheets

Seamless integration with Google Apps

  • Sign in with your Google account info
  • Sync with Google Calendar
  • Attach Google Docs to any row in Smartsheet
  • Update project info from Gmail
  • Import/Export between Google Spreadsheet and Smartsheet
  • Import Google Contacts
  • Open attached MS Office docs as Google Docs